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A 3D puzzle game for everyone!

Now in VR! Watch the Trailer
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Play on your favorite mobile device or the HTC Vive. Water bears are fun either way!

Challenge your spatial reasoning. Mix colors. Make the most of your limited resources.

These water bears are sad and dehydrated. They need you to help get water to fall on their bubbles. Water bears are picky drinkers, though, so each one will only accept water of a particular color. You'll need to put your pipes in the right place and manipulate the color of the water to make all of the water bears happy.

Water Bears VR

The next phase of the award-winning Water Bears takes you into a 3D virtual reality world. Your challenge remains the same, but your environment becomes a colorful tropical paradise!

Using the HTC Vive, you will walk around the water bears' island and solve puzzles, reroute water flows, and deliver water to these delightful little creatures.


Game Features

  • 50 Puzzles

  • Unlock Challenge Puzzles

  • Build Pipe Structures in 3D

  • No Ads, No In-App Purchases

  • Cultivate Systems Thinking

  • Based on Real-Life Microscopic Creatures

Are you an educator?

Water Bears was originally designed to give middle school students hands-on experience with Systems Thinking concepts. It can also help them gain a basic understanding of spatial reasoning, resource management, and color theory. Under the direction of experts and educators, we developed lesson plans and guides to help teachers incorporate this tool into the classroom. Learning was never so fun.

Lesson Plans NGSS Teachers' Guide NGSS Puzzle Guide for Educators